South Indian Jewellery

South Indian Jewellery was first crafted from the motifs displaced in a South Indian Temple. The Jewellery of the South is very well known for its extensive temple based large designs. With the passing centuries, these designs have evolved a bit, but they still have their ancient traces and are deeply rooted within the culture, tradition, ritual and ceremonies.

South Indian Jewellery wit a Precedent

A lot of South Indian Jewellery to be found has a distinctive pattern of flora kind of like lotus and has its roots from ancient temple architecture. So, by having a first look on these South Indian Jewel, you may go back centuries; but luckily with the eras passing by these jewels are now associated with different crafts. Gold serves a special place followed by diamond, pearls and kemp stones.

The Modern look of tradition

Giving a modern look to traditional and antique South Indian Jewellery through imitation. South Indian Imitation Jewellery has slowly and successfully made its place in women’s life for their daily life and occasional wear. Kundan and gold-plated sets are now an emerging style of choice for women. Long necklaces, rings, silver anklets, bracelets and gold chains are among the popular imitated south Indian Jewellery. These rings are often used as formal wear in occasions whereas. Gold chains are worn by men and children as well.
The gold chains cost is based on gold karat and length, and for further information on this you can look up for Western Jewellers gold and Rathy Jewellers gold.

Bridal South Indian Jewellery

Styling yourself for a wedding is not easy. As you cannot be experimenting on that happy occasion. Therefore, presenting you with the best South Indian Jewellery that will serve you all type of sarees and traditional look. Gold Jewellery is the first option for Tamil Brides. Tamil Jewellery Bridal sets consist of hair and head ornaments, heavy bangles, rings, jhumki, necklaces and anklets. These brides give a sight of perfection and a waistband or saree belt (Ottiyanam) aid in this heavenly look.

Kerala Brides have their signature look by having a diamond, gold and white gold based jewellery and have a tradition of wearing heavy gold bangles with long gold necklaces. Various Kerala gold designs are available for the brides who love to dress like ones.

Occasion :

Some pretty light Jewellery will be good enough for your festive look. South Indian Jewellery studded with stones and pearls will go best for ceremonies like Haldi and mehndi. Some of you may be attracted to antique jewellery which has a relic and dull sheen look, these are available in Wembley Jewellery shops for Indian Jewellery and Southhall

South Indian Jewellery shop

To give yourself a western look try Chandra haram- a long necklace with motifs (pearls) on both sides combined with the warmth of gold. Wear it as a fashion Jewellery or at celebrations. This surely is a perfect match for your western attire.

Temple Jewellery

Classical masterpiece that suits for your temple festive and other ceremonies that are made with perfection. Spending your money on this temple Jewellery will be a worthy investment for your temple weddings and other housewarming festivities. It has now also become very popular in classical dancers.


A variety of necklaces shares a cultural heritage. Lakshmi haar, mango mala, Nagapada Thali necklace and kasu mala are of worth mentioning. A long gold necklace with a finely crafted engraving of the goddess, studded with gemstones shares its identity as Lakshmi Haar when made with gold coins converts to Lakshmi Kasu Mala. Mango Mala is unique for traditional wears made with rubies and pearls. Necklaces made with rubies, emerald stones and gold is an impeccable neckpiece. To have a vintage look go for classical mango necklaces. A gold choker with Polki stones will give a classy look. Kundan Ruby combination works best to provide a bold design, but the elegance of Kundan Jewellery will make you the talk of the town.
Hair ornaments

Women wear it to style their braided hair. A beautiful wedding wear made with diamonds, pearls, rubies and other gemstones to cover the long length of hair. Another trendy wear is the thick bands covering your forehead designed with Kundan crafting and diamond.

Hand ornaments

V-shaped Vanki (armlets) made of gold, diamond and rubies have their importance in South Indian Jewellery. Other hand ornaments include bracelets and large cuff like bangles called Kadas. Heavy antique bangles made of diamond, rubies, pearls, etc. are worn on special occasions.