Indian Wedding Jewellery

No Indian bridal look is complete without Jewellery. An Indian bridal wear core lies in the Jewellery. A universal term known throughout the sub-continent is the term "Sola Singhar," which is specifically used for bridal wear. Indian Bridal wear is not completed without the Bride being decorated from head to toe with outstanding jewellery accessory to make her the most prominent and amazing to onlookers. Jewellery also completes a bride's look complementing her dress and personality.
Indian Bridal Jewellery does not entail only a necklace, a concept many all over the world are led to believe. It also involves rings, bangles, earrings, nose rings, ring bracelets at the same level as the necklace. An Indian Bride is a collection of all these adornments which enhance her beauty by folds. Weddings are a solemn and joyous occasion, and an Indian wedding is marked by flamboyant occasions that completely express the unique symbolism and rituals of this diverse culture.

Mix and Match Indian Wedding Jewellery for the Bride:

An Indian bride is an assortment of different accessories and Jewellery. While rings (beenti) and bangles (Kada) are a common combination, a typical Indian bride will most probably go for the “Haathphool”. This designs has a couple of chains attached between the rings and the bangles which spread over the Bride’s hand as an exquisite ornament. Similarly, anklet (Pazeb) and “Pungpan” (Variation of haathphool for feet) are worn by an Indian bride, especially in Rajasthani themed wedding by the Bride.

A Diversified Indian Wedding Jewellery: Indian Waistband

One of the most intricate and sought after bridal Jewellery is the “Kandora” – a waistband with bells for understanding. It is the heart and soul of any Indian bridal wear. Anklets with bells, also known as “Todhe” are also a unique Indian Bridal Jewellery and have a customary variation as well. A Rajasthani bride is not complete without “Anguda” – finger rings for the toe. These specified ornaments have intrigued people, especially women all over India, so much that with specific customizations to them, they have been adopted by almost every region of India for Bridal Accessory. So what was once only known as Rajasthani Bridal Jewellery has come to be known as Indian Bridal Jewellery?

Indian Head Ornaments:

With diversified cultures in India, there comes a variety of head ornaments. One of such which is most popular and has its origins from South India is the “Nethi Chutti.” It has similarity to a Maang tikka or the Maatha Patti but is different in the sense that it covers the whole head with chains. The chains are mostly gold with an embedded jewel in the center. It has a multitude of colors, as well as design variations.
An Indian bride is incomplete without Jewellery, it is the essence and culture of an Indian Wedding that makes it so diverse. With so many different options from head to toe for an Indian Bridal Jewellery selection, it is truly a challenge to select the set which complements it all. But without the Nethi Chutti or the Kandora or even the Haathphool, it all seems a little dull. These ornaments bring out the beauty within and enhance the Bride’s look.