Indian Hand Jewellery that adds beauty

Cultural Indian Hand Jewellery Rings include gold rings, a symbol of love between the couple as they are heading towards their new journey. Large metal rings with a precious gemstone are made for brides to give them a modern look-a a traditional bride having a western perfection. Double ring is like a knuckle ring for two fingers; they consist of many rings, made of gold, and can be worn by brides in one of her wedding week events.

Indian Hand Jewellery : Proposal Rings

Preparing for a new beginning, let’s begin with the best! Indian traditional Engagement rings have always been unique and hold their worth for the rest of their life. Therefore, the choice for it should be wise. Diamond shares the top-most position up till now, followed by gold and other rings like silver with precious gemstones on it. Diamond has a win-win situation!

Indian Hand Jewellery : Cocktail Rings

Indian Cocktail Rings have remained in business for all the cocktail girls out there, fashionable wear for parties. These eye-catching rings favor best for casual wear. Some wear these on their special occasions with their best gemstone, while some serve them as a gift, and others make them precious wear for their loved ones by turning them into proposal rings.

Innovation in these comes with stackable rings, where women wear different styled rings, one on the other on the same finger. Well, it does give you a sporty look!

Indian Hand Jewellery : Indian Bracelets

The casual Bracelet have been maintaining a statement in our Jewellery boxes for so long; we really can’t get enough of them. Similar holds for the Indian Bracelets. They are trendy, funky, and charming. Both the designs of bracelets i.e., delicate and thick ones, play an integral part in daily life styling. Diamond bracelets, pearl bracelets that give you a sophisticated look, and lastly, double-chained bracelets, having chains made of gold and silver, are delicately beautiful when you wear them loosely on your hand. Wear them on a friend’s day out, go for a movie or a day at the beach. The best thing about these bracelets is they will always remain chic, always, and forever!

Indian Bangles

As traditional Indian wear-they were essentially made of gold. Modern women serve themselves with the contemporary bangles that have a touch of modernization, which are made of gold, platinum, could be encrusted with diamonds, and have a catchy color.


They are also known as armbands and arm rings-traditionally made of metal and have their origin from ancient Indian culture. Thick metallic armlets are ancient crafted. Some ethical wears for brides are those who are in South Indian culture, made of gold, amazingly designed having precious stones like ruby, diamond, and emeralds.

Bridal Wear

Hath Phool

Decorating bride’s hands with beautifully crafted hath pools made of Kundan, Polki, and pearls.


The most significant trend that every bride is going to follow is designer Kaleera. This adds an inspiring look to traditional Indian costumed bride.


The perfect heavenly look is when the bride is wearing a set of mix and match handcuffs and bangles. This will make best appeal your bridal attire and give you a majestic look.